About Us

The Project

The Culture Portal of Sri Lanka is a multilingual web portal bringing under one roof sites of historical and cultural significance. There by giving easy access to scattered and largely unseen historical and cultural content over the web. In the pilot project it opens the gateway to more than 20 selected cultural sites in Sri Lanka.

The project is initiated and administered by the e- Society Programme of the Information Communication Agency (ICTA) of Sri Lanka

Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka

The ICT Agency is the implementing institution for the e-Sri Lanka initiative. The Agency’s vision is to take the dividends of ICT to every village, to every citizen, to re- engineer Government Services making it more efficient and accessible to people.

Information and Communication Technology has a profound impact on a country’s social, political and economic composition. It has opened up an array of opportunities in rural areas for improving the quality of the natural environment and human well being. Through the e-Sri Lanka Initiative the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka has sought to leverage on the latest development in ICTs for the social and economic development of the Country.

A key element in the e-Society Programme is to empower the society with affordable access to information, communication, and relevant local content. Accordingly this project proposes to initiate an information gateway to cultural and historical sites and thereby take Sri Lanka’s rich history and culture not only to the local community but to the whole world. In the context of the Country’s bid to attract more tourists our cultural and historical heritage could be a major differentiator as against other tourist hot spots in the region.